The purpose of outreach is to share our faith in the Lord Jesus, through prayer, giving of resources, particularly to those who are serving the Lord in a full time capacity, either overseas or locally. Also to do some outreach work which is tangible, and may be a way of showing God’s love and sharing the gospel.
The 5 and 2 Ministries

The 5 and 2 Ministries assist the poor of Abbotsford with Street Outreach Dinners, Coffee Fellowships, and Community Meals. Among other forms of support, Saint Matthew’s prepares a meal for the shelter for homeless seniors on the second Sunday and third Saturday of the month. This involves preparing a meal and delivering to the shelter. Staff at the shelter serve the meal.

ACTS (African Community Technical Services)
This is a well established Christian organization that sends people out to help set up infrastructures such as  setting up water projects, starting schools in small rural locations, health and Aids clinics. They are also supporting an orphanage. These projects are in Uganda and Zambia and a few of Saint Matthew’s people have been actively involved.

ACTS works with rural communities in East Africa to provide technical assistance and training in water supply, health education, environmental conservation, and humanitarian projects. One of their projects is providing the means for teams of medical personnel and social workers to visit project areas for voluntary HIV/AIDS testing. Trained HIV/AIDS counsellors provide support for those who need it upon learning their HIV status.

Anglicans for Life
Anglicans for Life is a Christ-centered ministry that provides educational and pastoral resources to churches in the Anglican Communion, to help them bear witness to the sanctity of life.
The Anglican Relief and Development Fund Canada
ARDFC undertakes carefully selected and monitored relief and development projects with partner dioceses in developing nations, to relieve poverty, provide food and other necessities of life, as well as provide training to improve skills in healthcare, agriculture and irrigation, and to advance the Christian faith. See their website for more information.
Cuba Seminary Project
Twelve years ago Bishop Charles Dorrington and his wife Claudia from the Reformed Episcopal Church on Vancouver Island started a home group in Cuba with eight people.  Since that time, there has been a great need for priests.

Saint Matthew’s Anglican Church makes a monthly contribution to the Iglesia Episcopal Reformada de Cuba seminary. The theological training is provided in Spanish through Moore Theological College which is the seminary of the Diocese of Sydney in the Anglican Church of Australia.

Two Spanish speaking college teachers come from Mexico to teach for one week four times a year. The students study all year with the course taking two and a half years to complete. The contribution from Saint Matthew’s Anglican Church to the seminary covers all seminary expenses for each of the week long sessions.  The expenses include transportation, accommodation, food, and books for the seminarians as well as the teacher’s salaries.

Cyrus Centre
Cyrus Centre is a Christian based ministry of walking alongside vulnerable, homeless youth and their families.

Cyrus Centre is the starting point for youth to exit the streets. Providing food services, shelter, clothing, advocacy, referrals, showers, laundry, life skills development, employment coaching and freedom from exploitation.

There is no other agency like this one in Abbotsford. These young people have already been screened by the schools and social service agencies. They do not receive a government grant.

Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon (FEAL)
The small nation of Lebanon sits at the crossroads of the Middle East. With its strategic location and religious freedom, the country enjoys great influence across the Arab world. And Lebanon’s history of conflict and violence makes residents open to a message of peace and love.

Winning and training Christians to reach their neighbours

The Free Evangelical Association of Lebanon (FEAL) is impacting the Middle East and North Africa region in a variety of ways.

  • FEAL has 9 missionaries in Lebanon that serve Iraqi refugees, the Druse, Shiite Muslims and Lebanese. These workers are planting churches and house churches and carry out a variety of ministries.
  • Under the direction of Alain Farhat, the ministry serves abandoned girls among the Druse population at the Beit El Safa Home for Girls.
  • Summer camping programs reach children in the surrounding communities at the same site as well as providing training for churches and leaders.
  • FEAL has missionaries working in difficult contexts in Syria,Jordan, Egypt and Sudan
  • FEAL is training leaders for the church and missions at its Bible Schools in Lebanon and Jordan.
  • Compassionate relief efforts are being provided to displaced people and refugees throughout the Middle East and North Africa region.
Wycliffe Bible Translators
Neil and Val are convinced that all people need the Word of God in a language that speaks to their hearts. They were faithful members of Saint Matthew’s for a number of years while living in Abbotsford, but are now based in Alberta. Their roles have a dual focus at home and abroad. Val serves as a field partner liaison for Wycliffe Canada and personnel services manager for staff working across Eurasia. Neil is the partnership facilitator for Eurasia and also serves in Wycliffe Canada’s prayer department.