Days Of Prayer

We often set aside special days of prayer.  Some are structured and focus on particular themes. Some are a drop-in format, with people coming and going throughout the day as they are able. Some of the days of prayer are at the church. Others are at the Abbey in Mission. We invite you to join us as we pray for our communities, the Church, ourselves, and the world. Click here for upcoming Prayer Events.

Lord of our lives,
we have decided to follow Jesus
and have chosen to be in your Kingdom.
Give us courage, discernment and an unwavering faith.

We pray for your Church throughout the world,
Shed forth your spirit of discipleship upon us.

When we are uncertain, reveal a vision.
When we are passive, light a fire.
When we are tempted, send your Spirit.

Enfold us in your love,
wrap us about with assurance
and infuse us with determination,
that we may be true disciples
and all the world may see the love of Jesus Christ in us. Amen.