Daily Prayer

When it comes to deciding how to pray we do well to remember the words of the former Archbishop of Canterbury Donald Coggan who once advised, “why be poor when you don’t have to be?’ There is a wealth of resources available to us to assist and guide our praying. As Anglicans our natural Launchpad is the Daily Office also known as the Occasional Offices. Coming to God at particular times of the day on a regular basis helps to create a rhythm of prayer that has been deeply rooted in the life of God’s people since the 4th century. The Book Of Common Prayer (BCP) has 4 daily offices for both corporate and private use; ‘The Order for Morning Prayer’, ‘Prayers at Mid-day’, ‘The Order for Evening Prayer’ and ‘An Order for Compline’ (or ‘Night Prayer’) as well as an order for ‘Family Prayer’.

Here are some helpful links:

  • Online version of the BCP daily offices.
  •  The ACNA has just completed further Texts for Common Prayer which includes Morning and Evening Prayer.
  • The Church of England has produced ‘Common Worship‘ material which is a wonderful resource to help find time for God during our day.

Each of the daily Offices includes liturgical prayers and Scripture readings (also known as the Lectionary) based on the Church’s seasons and holy days.